Do you know how I know that I’m still not over you? It’s the fact that every time I wake up. No matter what I’ve done the night before, no matter how much I tried the night before in my (fullest) conscious state; your face, your smile, your laugh, the way you silently cry, all the reasons why I fell in love with you would bang themselves against the skull of my head when I wake up. When I have a weak control of my conscious thinking. So no, I’m still not over you. Perhaps not for a long time. I just wish, I kind of wish for a day that I would not think about you. That I would not mourn about my time lost, or my love lost, or my feeling lost. I wish I would not grow to hate the fact that I loved you so much more than you loved me.
zms (via littlegrumpypanda)

awww. -_______-